SC-MS Under Vehicle Search Mirror

  • SC-MS Under Vehicle Search Mirror
  • SC-MS Under Vehicle Search Mirror
SC-MS Under Vehicle Search Mirror

SC-MS Under Vehicle Search Mirror

  • Product description: SC-MS Under Vehicle Search Mirror

SC-MS under vehicle search mirror professional designed for a long time check the bottom of the vehicle design and other necessary objects. For indoor and outdoor usage. Widely used in such places: Government agencies, courts, prisons, airports, wharf, customhouse, exhibition halls, other workplace safety inspection and factory anti-theft check

Mirror: 12inch, 30cm x 30cm high-intensity acrylic mirror, has a certain toughness, not easy broken, safe, durable, light and glass the same mirror. Hardware plastic at the bottom and surrounded by, can effectively prevent the collision caused damage to the mirror.

Length: Total Handle Length: 142cm

Grip: The product is designed as 180 degree turn around so that it can detect vehicles or other goods as wide as possible. Surface dust-free workshop grilled outdoor paint treatment, long-term use of non-bleaching, non-smell, harmless to the human body. Cotton with a black foam grip, grip feeling good, fit a long time operation.

Light source: LED flashlight have long life, high brightness waterproof, removable to serve as work lights and so on. Customers can use the characteristics according to their own selection of suitable light source.

Wheels: 3pcs universal wheels

Materials are in line with the overall process ROHS standards, suitable export to other countries.

Detectable minimum height: 10CM

Package & Shipping
10pcs in one wooden crate, carton size: 84cm x 41cm x 41cm; Gross weight: 21KG.
20pcs in one wooden crate, carton size: 87cm x 76cm x 42cm; Gross weight: 38KG.

12 months, Limited parts

Standard Contents
12inch convex mirror
Tube set
Torch holder
LED torch
Wheel set
User manual

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