MD300 Hand held Metal Detector

  • MD300 Hand held Metal Detector
  • MD300 Hand held Metal Detector
MD300 Hand held Metal Detector

MD300 Hand held Metal Detector

  • Product description: MD300 Hand held Metal Detector

MD-300 Hand held Metal Detector designed to safeguard security-sensitive areas like schools, courtrooms, corrections facilities, sports events, businesses, night clubs, bars and other public areas and events.

Key Features
1. Simple operation, compact design, easy to save, low failure rate.
2. Sensitivity is very easy to detect the size of a pin (or even less), metal items.
3. Have the battery under-voltage instructions (LED lights Always).
4. Are commendable style products in the same paragraph of the highest cost-effective.
5. Alarm means has sound and light, vibration, two types of alarm.

Technical Specifications
Power: 9V fold battery
Current: more than 50mA
Operation temperature:-10°C to 50°C
Alarm Mode: Sound / Vibration

Detection Distance
Pin: 10-30mm
64 model handgun: 120mm
Six-inch dagger: 130mm
Diameter 20mm steel ball: 90mm
Outer Size: 395 (L) * 140 (W) mm
Net Weight: 350g
12 months, Limited parts
1. When the sensitivity adjustment too high, the boot will be issued after the continuous alarm sound, the sensitivity can be reduced.
2. Cut off the power after use. Long-term should not remove the battery to prevent overnight, so as not to damage the circuit.
3. The probe is fixed against a crackling sound when the metal will stop only when the metal continues to sweep audible.
4. After boot, dark green and a continuous alarm indicator, then the voltage is low, they are not working and should be replaced.

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