Hand-held metal detector

  • Passport Defender Hand-held metal detector
Passport Defender Hand-held metal detector

Passport Defender Hand-held metal detector

  • 15 LED light
  • Product description:
Passport Defender hand held metal detector is the worlds most advanced handheld metal detector. When used properly Passport Defender metal detector detects even the smallest objects while constantly and automatically re-tuning itself, never
requiring any adjustments.
Key Features
1. Passport Defender operation is completely automatic, using Audio and LED indicators to announce the presence of a metallic object. Also is has 15 level detection indicator signal lights, showing the size of the metallic objects from green to yellow to red colors, and more detail by number of lights.
2. Passport Defender detects all conductive metals including ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel.
3. Passport Hand Held Metal Detector operates in a very low frequency range and is therefore completely safe for both operators and subjects in all scanning operations, even when involving pregnancies or medical electronic devices such as heart pacemakers.
Technical Specifications
Battery: 9 Volt standard or Alkaline battery
Voltage: 6.8 to 10 Volt DC
Current: 12mA typical
Operation Frequency: 95KHz
Audio frequency: 2000 Hz warble stone
Circuit: Automatic self-tuning transmitter-receiver that never requires adjustments.
Passport Defender has no harm to cardiac pacemaker wearer, pregnant woman, soft drink, film, videos and so on.
Outer Size: 420*83mm
Net Weight: 480g
12 months, Limited parts

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