Under Vehicle Inspection System

  • SC-UVIS02 Under Vehicle Inspection System
SC-UVIS02 Under Vehicle Inspection System

SC-UVIS02 Under Vehicle Inspection System

The Vehicle Video Search System can inspect every kind of vehicles fast and clearly. Equipped with the typical photosource, it can not be affected easily by external light. Meanwhile, it is equipped with high-resolution color camera which provides a clear picture for users. The separable LCD video system make the operation more flexibly, so that just requiring one staff can detect the arms, dangerous goods and the other illegal things.
Main Features:
Compactable, flexible and simple to operate enabling a comfort working.
150 degree bending rod can inspect arbitrarily kinds of vehicle chasis in little time
Adopted 7" True-Color LCD monitor
Equipped with special Glaze floodlight devices can ensure working in full dark condition
12V, 4000mA N-H rechargeable battery can do speed-charger, special charger with protection and auto-stop function working at full charge status, the battery recharging period is about 3 hours under normal operation.
Imported high resolution CCD lens driven manually, handset trigger can achieve 120 degree rotating range, so that it can detect any blind angle
Police, anti-explosion, armed troops, customs, and the other locations requiring security inspection to vehicle chassis etc
Technical Indices:
Rechargeable time: 3~4 hours
Working Temperature: -15 -- +50 degree
Working Moisture: 95%, Non-Dew
Working Current: 550mA

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